Franchising : Licensing : Enforcement

Franchising, Licensing and Enforcement Division of CELLibrity® oversees execution and administration of commercial licensing of franchises of Stores carrying Electronics, Cell Phones, Parts and Accessories. Therefore, CELLibrity® may be acquired as Franchise (subject to approval) for operators willing to invest time and money for a rewarding business enterprise. However, potential candidates are encouraged to acquire Licensing rights to use CELLibrity® intellectual property by paying a Licensing Fee – Licensing arrangements are highly regulated by CELLibrity® for strict adherence to quality and standards control as to how the CELLibrity® intellectual property is used, reporting, auditing, monitoring, enforcement and compliance with prevailing laws.

CELLibrity® provides consultation and operation assistance for establishment and business management to franchised commercial and industrial enterprises including Electronics and Wireless Mobile Cell Phone Goods and Services Stores, covering all facets of Product Commercialization, Operations, Logistics, Reverse Logistics, Supply Chain and Production Systems and Distribution solutions.

CELLibrity® is actively seeking End-Cap/Anchored Commercial Properties and strategic locations in high traffic premium Strip Malls and In-Line Stores in various Malls.

Whether you are looking into a Franchising or Licensing opportunity or you own a premium location property or you are a represent a Mall, we are interested to hear from you, please email and we will gladly respond as soon as possible.